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Fueled by home runs from Albert Pujols and Rick Ankiel and a standout outing from Chris Carpenter, the Cardinals defeated the Dodgers, 3-2, on Monday night at Dodger Stadium.

After the Dodgers jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in the first inning, Pujols evened the score with a solo home run off knuckleballer Charlie Haeger to start the fourth inning.

The Dodgers retook the lead in the fifth when James Loney drove in Matt Kemp with an RBI single to right field.

But another home run from the Cardinals erased hope of a Dodgers victory. In the seventh inning, Ankiel hit a two-run homer off Haeger to give St. Louis a 3-2 lead.

Those two hits were enough to doom Haeger, who certainly pitched well enough to win. Haeger lasted seven innings and gave up just three runs on five hits in his first start of the season with the Dodgers.

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