Dodgers 6, Phillies 8 - Game 1 NLCS

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It was definitely a game of blown opportunities for the Blue Crew, and some questionable decisions by Joe Torre. He definitely should have yanked Kershaw after that 3 run homer in the 5th. The kid was losing his control and we all know that one missed pitch can result in disaster. He allowed Kershaw to pitch to Howard who doubled in 2. Also not being at all aggressive on the base pads- it's like he's waiting for the 3 run homer all the time. Perfect example was that 9th inning- you have to run Kemp there to avoid the double play- that was just killer.

Loney is hot- he needs to move up in the lineup- he is seeing the ball really well. For tomorrow you have to at least put him in front of Blake or even in front of Kemp.

This was a tough one to swallow- who would've thought with our pitching staff that we'd lose even after scoring 6 runs. Let's see if the guys can shake it off and get a critical win tomorrow afternoon. Go Blue!

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