Dodgers 4, Phillies 5 - Game 4 NLCS

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Wow- what a devastating defeat that was- not just for this season but probably in Dodger history. The Dodgers were one out away from tying the series 2-2. You've got the powerful Jonathan Broxton on the hill to close it out. He walks one, hits one, gives up a double in the gap and there you have it- game over, and probably series over as well. This just go show that no matter how hard you throw, you can't be too predictable- with the pitch and the location. Unfortunately Broxton lost his control a bit there, and despite throwing 98+, he left it right over the plate to Jimmy Rollins who was looking for nothing else but fastball- so much so he PULLED it into the gap in right center. These are major league hitters, and if you get too predictable, no matter how great of stuff you have, you're going to get hurt. Russell Martin probably has some to should some blame himself there for not helping out Broxton change speeds and be a bit more crafty.

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