Don Mattingly interviews to be Cleveland manager

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Dodgers hitting coach Don Mattingly, presumably being groomed to take over when manager Joe Torre retires, interviewed for the vacant Cleveland Indians manager's job, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported.

Others interviewed were Manny Acta, Bobby Valentine and internal candidates Torey Lovullo and Travis Fryman, according to the report.

Mattingly, 47, is the former Yankees All-Star first baseman who was passed over for Joe Girardi as Torre's replacement when Torre and the Yankees parted company after the 2007 season. When Torre accepted the Dodgers' offer, he did so only if Mattingly and third-base coach Larry Bowa came with him.

Mattingly immediately took a half-season leave to attend to family issues, but he reclaimed his job after the All-Star break of 2008, and the Dodgers' offense immediately responded.

Preaching a patient, yet aggressive, approach at the plate, Mattingly had an offense that led the league in batting average and on-base percentage and was fourth in runs scored, even though it was 11th in home runs and left the most runners on base.

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