Dodgers interested in adding a top tier pitcher?

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It has been reported, that the Dodgers have inquired about the services of both Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee. Let's not forget, we had a done deal in place for Lee last year, in which ownership nixed. The season before, we had a deal for CC Sabathia done, and again Francis McCourt rejected it. Also, had a done deal with SD last year, for Peavy and Heath Bell, shortly before the Sherrill acquisition. So has management given Colletti permission to get a #1 type starter? It is really confusing to me. We have had deals in place already. The Lee deal last season was a few Minor leaguers and I believe Blake DeWitt, but I am not sure. Also heard we could have gotten Roy Halladay straight up for Billingsley, and ownership nixed that as well. Although that rumor was unconfirmed, I believe Ned was quoted as saying he had reached deals with Cleveland for both Sabathia and Lee in successive seasons. Hopefully we pull the trigger on either. Would prefer Lee, but I believe both would pitch very well in Doders Stadium.

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