Dodgers have found a keeper in Ely

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Just when you think this kid can't pitch any better, he comes out and throws another gem. With his 7 shutout innings, Ely lowered his E.R.A. to 2.54, and his opponents batting average to .208. I can not say how impressed I am with this kids makeup. He does not possess over powering stuff, but has excellent control of all his pitches. Ely hasn't benefited from a great deal of run support either. The Dodgers lost his last start 1-0 in Chicago, and earned a walk-off 1-0 win last night on a Matt Kemp HR. So, that is basically zero runs of support while pitching in the last two outings. A normal rookie might crack under that pressure, but this kid just keeps going out there, and getting outs, keeping his team in the game. There is no way, this kid is optioned back down. He will be a fixture in this rotation for the remainder of the season.

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He has shown amazing consistency and poise for a rookie- very good control indeed. I thought he would do well but man this is incredible. If he keeps it up he can get the ROY.

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I think you're right. As we have speculated about Ely's job security before, there is no longer any speculation in my mind. This guy has been solid for us. He has pitched extremely well at home, as well as in hostile, hitter friendly parks, such as Wrigley Field. I am very impressed by this kid. His control is awesome. He spots his pitches very well. I have quickly become an Ely fan. On my MLB package, his last start was ONLY available on the FS Arizona telecast. While Mark Grace and whoever his partner is, are always "homers", they were praising Ely all night. They also had some very insightful stats about Ely. Seems the kid has won games, and pitched well at every level. There is no longer any question in my mind, this kid will be here for the duration of the season.

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