Manny Ramirez Still in Pain

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Instead of Manny Ramirez visiting Dodger Stadium as was expected on Tuesday, team trainer Stan Conte flew to him in Arizona as Ramirez works through a setback.

Ramirez has been on the disabled list with a right calf strain since July 20 and is still experiencing discomfort. He's working out at the team's Spring Training complex in Glendale.

"Until we get him on the field and playing in a rehab game, it's really tough to really plan on getting him back at this point in time," Dodgers manager Joe Torre said. "I think it's going to be probably a couple weeks if what Stan says [is right], and this could change depending on how comfortable he is."

Since a 50-game suspension for violating MLB's drug program last season, Torre admitted Ramirez had lost some swagger, but the left fielder's .317 average, eight homers and 39 RBIs in 186 at-bats still represent an upgrade.

The setback's news came the same day that Rafael Furcal, the team's best hitter this season, missed early work to get an MRI on his back. On a six-game losing streak, the Dodgers' offense has been desperate for a spark, but has instead received the opposite.

"It's frustrating, of course. It's disappointing because you want his bat in the lineup," Torre said of Ramirez.

Scott Podsednik, acquired less than a week ago, will continue as the everyday left fielder. Reed Johnson, on the DL with a lumbar strain, was to DH in his second rehab game at Triple-A Albuquerque on Tuesday night. ... mp;c_id=la

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This is Manny's way of paying the team back for not signing him longer, and basically making him sign the 1 year player option deal. Being from Massachusetts, I am very familiar with what Manny does. He has gone into operation shutdown. One can not overlook, in Mid July of 08 Manny complained about a knee. Boston sent him for an MRI, and Manny could not remember which knee hurt. So, they MRI'd both. Result: nothing wrong. Two short weeks later, Manny is traded to LA and makes a miraculous recovery and starts mashing. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this is truly Manny being Manny. He has shut it down. He has given up on his teammates yet again. He will go to an AL team, and watch the numbers he'll put up, and barring anything happening to p!ss Manny off, he'll be perfectly healthy too.

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