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Zach Lee, the Dodgers' first-round pick in the 2010 First-Year Player Draft, said he hasn't heard from the club and continues to prepare for his freshman season as a quarterback at Louisiana State.

The deadline to sign picks is Monday at 9 p.m. PT. If the Dodgers don't sign Lee, they would receive the 29th pick in next year's Draft as compensation. As a two-sport star committed to play football and baseball at LSU, Lee dropped in the Draft because of signability concerns.

The Dodgers picked the Texas high schooler anyway with the 28th overall selection and skeptics immediately surmised that the pick was a throwaway by a club that had no intention of satisfying Lee's rumored asking price of more than $5 million.

Logan White, Dodgers assistant general manager of scouting, said at the time that the club would make every effort to sign Lee. Contacted by e-mail Wednesday, White had no comment.

"I haven't really heard anything from them [Dodgers]," Lee told at LSU's media day Tuesday. "As far as I'm concerned, I'm here to stay until something else happens. And I don't really see it happening."

Lee has been getting rave reviews from LSU coaches impressed with his work ethic and adjustment to a college offense. He didn't say what it would take to convince him to leave school.

"No, I really don't know what number it is or if I even have a number," he said. "So as far as I know, I'm here right now, and I'm going to continue to try to improve my game.

"I really don't know what they're going to try to do. I could see it working either way, where they could not have an offer or they could try to produce an offer late. So right now, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. I'm just going to try and focus here as much as possible until something else changes." ... mp;c_id=la

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