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Elian Herrera stepped into the leadoff slot for the first time Wednesday, on a Dodgers team that boasts some of the most patient hitters in baseball.

Herrera, in his rookie season at age 27, admitted patience at the plate wasn't a virtue for him until last year, when he played for Les Agnes Cibaenas in the Dominican Winter League.

"I had to work on that," he said. "Before I just tried to swing as soon as I got to home plate. When I got to winter ball I learned how to be relaxed, looking for one pitch - the pitch I want."

Herrera won't be mistaken for Bobby Abreu or A.J. Ellis anytime soon, but he carried a plus-.375 on-base percentage (five walks and 13 hits in 49 plate appearances) into Wednesday's game.

No major-league hitter sees more pitches per plate appearance than Ellis (4.69 through Tuesday) and some have wondered why not move him - or the notoriously patient Abreu - higher in the order.

http://www.dailynews.com/sports/ci_2074 ... -take-lead

Well- 1 for 5 with 3 strikeouts isn't a great debut leading off, but hopefully he does better. BTW what do you guys think about maybe having Dee Gordon bat second, since he's a good bunter?

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I�d like to see more from Herrera before I can make any asumptions. I think he�s going to do just fine. He still needs to learn a lot of things. Gordon would be a good second batter, yes. We all have to be patient with him. I know he hasn�t been hitting too well so far, but he�ll get into his groove sooner or later.

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Aha, Sebastian is a Dodgers fan too. Awesome. Stay active Sebass, we need to get this site going.

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Great to see you here too Sebastian! I see the rationale of having AJ Ellis bat second, but I think we need to get Gordon going. I think the best way to do that is have him hit second because he will wreak havoc if the guy ahead of him gets on. Hitting 8th is just not taking advantage of the free base he will likely give you via a steal, because if he gets a single, the pitcher will then probably just try to bunt him over to second. For now I'd go with Ellis 3rd and then Ethier 4th. The offense is struggling a bit right now and we need to start making things happen.

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