Mattingly Mulling Changes to Jump-start Lineup

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By Ken Gurnick

SAN DIEGO -- Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said the club's sputtering offense has him considering shuffling the batting order.

"I always think about it," he said. "I really want the guys up front getting on base, and that's happening. Adrian's [Gonzalez] hitting well and Andre [Ethier] has it going on. Matt [Kemp] in the middle is kind of scuffling."

Carl Crawford at leadoff is batting .458, Mark Ellis hitting second is at .348, Gonzalez is batting .435 and Ethier is hitting .318. But Kemp is at .120 with two RBIs, one on a sacrifice fly.

"I really don't want to mess with the guys in the middle," Mattingly said. "I could mess around with three and four [Kemp and Gonzalez], flip-flop back and forth, but I don't like to do that. I've thought a little more with guys like Cruzer [Luis Cruz, 0-for-17] and those guys." ... mp;c_id=la

I'm hoping once Kemp gets on track, we should see a bit more offensive punch. He does seem to be swinging at a lot of 1st pitches this early season so far.

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Luis Cruz is really struggling, so it was great to see Juan Uribe coming in with that game winning homer. I think for now a platoon situation might be in order between Cruz and Uribe.

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Good call on Uribe Dave. Another PH HR tonight, lol. Nice to seen Adrian hit one out too. Still, I'd like to see us do better with RISP. I think a platoon of Cruz & Uribe isn't a bad idea. We can also slide Cruz to SS, since Sellers isn't really impressing too much with the bat so far.

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