The Growing Legend of Clayton Kershaw

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It started with a meaningless pitch in spring training and just might end with a plaque in Cooperstown

By Jonah Keri

Clayton Kershaw was 19 years old the first time he took over the baseball world. It was a spring training game against the defending world champion Red Sox, March 9, 2008, and Kershaw was wearing no. 96, the telltale sign of a prospect with no shot at going west with the big club. He'd throw a few innings, impress a few folks if he was lucky, then get sent back to the minors, where he could continue to toil away from the eyes of the masses. Then came the pitch �


Kershaw got ahead of Sean Casey 1-2. Down went the sign for the curve. Kershaw reared back, fired � and we'll let Vin Scully take it from there: ... ndy-koufax

Link has the entire article.

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Jeff- when it is all said and done, I would not be surprised to see Clayton Kershaw up there as one of the best left handed pitchers of all time.

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I can definitely see that as well Dave. I just hope he can stay healthy for his prime years at least too. Would be nice if Kersh got some run support here and there as well, and also for our bullpen to not blow so many leads.

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Yet another excellent find by Jeff.....

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Thanks John. Great to see you posting here again btw.

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