Anybody else Tired of Brandon League?

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Should Brandon League be removed from the closer role?
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Brandon League is really, really getting on my nerves. Here you have Clayton Kershaw with another great pitching performance, and he blows another save in a huge game vs the D-Backs. Guy just isn't good enough to be our closer. ERA is now something like 6.

A lot of the blame can be put on the front office as well. You've gotta have a reliable closer if you want to contend. Otherwise why pay tons of money for quality starters if your closer sucks ass and wastes all the fine pitching earlier in the game? What made them think that Brandon League is a reliable guy? I mean he had one year in Seattle where he had 30+ saves, but otherwise he hasn't been the closer.

The owners really need to evaluate the front office- this team is just not put together right. Not bringing in a reliable closer is just INEXCUSABLE.

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I haven't felt comfortable with League all season it seems like, lol. He just can't miss bats with his pitches I think. Also, is it me or can he just not get any lefties out? I forgot when the last time I felt our closer couldn't close. At least Jansen was getting his outs.

Also, if we just look at history, most world series winners had a reliable bullpen. What's the point of Kersh or Ryu going 7 or 8 innings, only either to lose or have a ND next to their name. What also hurts is, instead of being 6.5 games back of AZ, we're now 8.5 games back. Ned has also been overpaying for subpar talent for quite a while now.

In the short term, I think Mattingly needs to make a change at the closer role. 2/3 innings, 4 hits, and 4 ER is just atrocious.

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Jansen returns as the closer tonight.

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