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^Def, yeah looks like Ethier will be the OF that gets traded. Too many times we've seen our starting pitchers have gone 6 or 7 innings, go out with the lead, only to watch the bullpen blow it. It also gives the opposing teams confidence, where they feel we have a weak bullpen, and they can always come back and win the game.

I think Paco is pretty solid, especially against lefties.

Yeah, Hanley has definitely been a huge plus for us. Too bad, like so many others, he was on the DL. Hopefully we can continue to build on our 4 game winning streak, and get back into the NL West race. Nice to have both Kemp & Hanley back too. With Puig, he's turned into that guy when he comes up to bat, you just have to stop what you're doing, and watch lol.

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