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Clayton Kershaw isn't performing as though he has other things on his mind.

But the Los Angeles Dodgers' ace says that having to discuss ongoing contract negotiations has become a distraction after it was reported by ESPN and other media over the weekend that he had made progress with the team on a landmark deal that could be worth nearly $200 million.

"I think the reason we've been able to continue discussions for this long is that it's not been talked about," Kershaw said Sunday before the Dodgers' 6-3 loss to the Pirates, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"And now that I'm having to talk about it, it's a distraction because people are talking about it," Kershaw said. "I guess you'll have to talk to the Dodgers as to why it came out now. I don't love the fact that I have to talk about it." ... istraction

Don't really think this will really affect getting a deal done in the end.

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I think he is exaggerating a bit. I also don't think it will affect the deal.

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I'm with you guys on this. You don't want to see Clayton annoyed, but ultimately I'm pretty sure he'll be staying with us for many, many years. Like at least another decade, lol.

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