Dodgers 6, Braves 1 NLDS Game 1

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Excellent performance by Clayton Kershaw. Pitch count got kind of high, so it was good that he left after 7. I'm not so sure about bring in Wilson and then Jansen so early in the series though. Not sure if you want to let the Braves hitters get a glance at their stuff unless necessary.

The offense did a great job too jumping on Medlen early. Puig, both Ellises, & Adrian were terrific.

We've got a chance to jump on Mike Minor early again tomorrow. Hopefully we can get like a 3-1 or a 4-2 lead going into the 6th or so, and we'll be just fine.

Go Blue!

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^Good outing by Kersh. I was a bit worried when I saw his pitch count was in the 70's or something after 3. Was great to see him strike out 6 straight batters, with mostly using his off speed pitches.

Was great to see almost every Dodger contribute in the lineup, from Skip's sac fly, to Puig taking 3rd on Uribe's single. All around solid effort by our guys. If we can give Greinke a couple early runs, I think we will be in a good position to take game 2.

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